IN NEED OF HEALING: Tyler Earll [requested by Lucas Hoffmann], Dave Ehrhardt,
Jonathan Magruder [brother of Karen Souza], Olga Kiefer [requested by Margaret
Mueller], Atticus Deleon [requested by Sue Boccio], John LiMandri [requested by
Dorothy Graf], Tim Cavooris [requested by Darlene Klouda],

Caroline Agnew,
Kensi Leigh & Jennifer Schulze, Linda Miedl [Jill & Chuck Abbate],
Nancy Ratliff [requested by the Ashby’s],
Oliver Ziegler [requested by Elizabeth Barker],
Jill Davidson, Luby Family [requested by Jenn Bender],
Mark Burr, Claire Drennan, [requested by Val BiFulco],
Barbara Diez, Evelyn & Ronnie Marrache [requested by Kevin Blumberg],
Maggie [requested by Jessie Bosak],
Carolyn Hunt, Jennifer Meschi, Margaret Curran, Leah Elfreich, Toni & Tom
Petrovich, [requested by Jill Breimann]
Judi Weir [requested by Mary Briney],
Steven Fusaro, Elspeth Heitmann, Bryan Ronanyne, [requested by Henry Budke],
Margaret Gozdiski, Marisa Carattini, [requested by Henry Carattini],
Ann Gunning & Donna Messina [requested by the Carlsen family],
Elizabeth DeLuca
Arthur Tatem [requested by Liz, Al & Brian DeLuca],
Kenneth & Maria Drew, [requested by Drew family],
Alice Dantuono, Joan Ehrhardt [requested by the Ehrhardt family],
Fortunata Esposito [mother of Max Esposito],
Phyllis Seidelson, Gina Popovic, Carol Kaelin, Robert Richards, [requested by
Mary Fjellstad],
James Flaherty & Adele Maurici Payne [requested by Meagan Flaherty],
Daniel Greene [cousin of Arthur Fortin],
Jane, Barbara Casey, Virginia Haggart, [friend of Carolyn Gabelman],
Toni, Fran & Tony Favarrra, Catharine Antonelli, Gary & Ruth Becker, John
Antonelli, Robert & Joseph Shanahan, Nora & Dennis Cudahy [requested by Viola
Ruth Herrold [request by Linda Grasso],
Ian Palencia, Joe Pennachio, The Genovese family, [requested by Jeff Greabell],
Ron Gagnon [requested by John Grube],
Marilyn Havighorst [daughter of Martha & Hermann Hahn],
IN MILITARY SERVICE: Lieutenant Brendan Madarasz, Major Lenore Livingston
[daughter of Helen & Art Fortin], Spec. Charlee Seto [granddaughter of Jacci & Mike
Milo], Corporal August Detting, and Major William Fortin
Mary Davis, Karli & Kim Mangold,[requested by Johanson family],
John Wolf [brother of Michelle Krikau],
Gisela Martin [requested by Richard & Lianne Martin],
Ellen Leibowitz & Diane Nason [cousins of Leslee Mathieson]
Mars Damico, Marie Zarra [requested by Lisa Merrell],
Barbara Banks & Carole Lee Forsalt [requested by Ann Mezzacappa],
Carl Vitullo [requested by Lydia Moser],
Rosey Cohen, Jana Smyth & Rose Wichrowski, Ted Grycel, Edward Walsh,
Patricia Conklin,[requested by Margaret Mueller],
Walter James & Sophie Elizabeth Nichols [twin grandchildren of Bob & Barbara
Rosemary & Ronald Greiner [Lee Nocero’s parents],
Tony Carollo, Anita Broughton, Tom Macca, Katherine Friend [requested by the
Carol Paolillo,
Heidi Escobar [aunt of the Peirce family],
Jenn Sorenson [requested by the Raba family],
Evelyn Rock[ request by Regina Jenkins],
James Riley [son of Lita Riley],
Cathy Cagnard [requested by Lynn Ripak],
Margie & Eugene Walz [request by Audrey Reumann],
Herbert Markmann [father of Kristen Roccisano],
Brittany Kenney, Anita Reiss [requested by Marion Singleton],
Joyce Lucas [mother of Dawn Smith],
Rebecca Gomez, Karin Paino & Debbie Figliola [requested by Karen Souza],
Kerry Swanson [daughter in law of Fred Swanson],
Daylyn Fleet, Beth Daley, George Sprague, Paul Schwack, Anthony Parlato
[requested by Trovitch family],
Roy Haje, John Schweiwe, Arlene Hudak, Susan Logan, Becky Peterson, Lisa
Spencer, Tiffany Milius [requested by Dot Valentine],
Ilse Weinberger,
Richard Wiles [husband of Joan Wiles]

Please communicate al prayer requests to the church office #631-265-2288.
This is Christ's
There is a place
for you here.
We are the
church that
shares a living,
daring confidence
in God's grace.
Liberated by our
faith, we embrace
you as a whole
complexities and
all. Join us as we
do God's work in
Christ's name for
the life of the