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About Us
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St. Andrew's Mission

Because God shows His Love
through Jesus Christ,
St. Andrew's
Lutheran Church,
a community of faith,
gathered around Word and
Sacrament, lives to
and welcomes all people
to share God's love
and to be workers together
in this mission of the Church.
St. Andrew's Welcome Statement
St. Andrew's Lutheran Church is a Reconciling in Christ
congregation. We joyfully welcome all of God's people to
worship with us regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation,
gender identity or expression, ability, or socio-economic
circumstances. Blessed with God's grace and unconditional
love, we believe our mission to be to spread the good news of
Jesus Christ to all people. We recognize that we are all equal at
the foot of the cross and at Christ's table. Therefore, in the
name of Jesus Christ, we warmly welcome all to join us in
worship, prayer, fellowship, and service as we advance our
mission of bringing Christ's love to the world.